Received: A Pumpkin Recipe from Russia




Hi Lyn! You love cooking, so prepare anything with pumpkin, for example my favorite pottage:  fry some white onion, mother-of-thyme, black pepper, fenne’l pumpkin with olive oil. Take out mother-of-thyme, add 1 liter of water and boil 10-15 minutes. Whisk the blender, served with rucola. Bon appetit! I hope you’ll try to cook it and will enjoy! It is easy, fast and very much tasty!!

With best wishes,


Hmmm I was kind of in awe with the recipe from Russia. I love pumpkins. It’s popularly called squash in the Philippines, and “kalabasa” in our vernacular. I love it when it’s steamed. I was tempted to cook Gynievra’s recipe, but I couldn’t find mother-of-thyme in the grocery, so I’ll just reserve it when I go to the big city.


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