The Horsy Token

Baguio City is known for this kind of souvenir items. Everywhere you can find souvenir shops because the city is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. One of my favorite souvenirs to buy there is the wood carving of different animals. I specifically love horses. My former Chinese boss told me horses can bring luck (LOL). Anyways, it’s not because I believe it brings luck that I started collecting such items. I am just really fond of them.



We bought those two little cutie wooden horses carved in an oval-shaped pine wood when my husband and I went to Baguio City in December 2014 for our wedding anniversary. They usually come in the form of key chain. Oh I remember he also bought some other native souvenirs such as the rodeo cap. My own choice were the “kamagong”-made chopsticks and soup spoons. Kamagong is next to “narra” as the hardest wood in the Philippines. It is popularly used for furniture making.


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