Postcard Collection: The Nocturnal Philippine Eagle-Owl

Hi guys! It’s past 11 in the evening here in my country, the Philippines. I know a lot of you right now are currently enjoying the daytime while some here in Asia are already in their deep slumber. Well others are nocturnals. Oh yeah, let’s talk about nocturnalism. I’m a nocturnal person. Due to some online work calls, I stay awake at night.

I bought some postcards today in replacement of the cards I’ve sent. One of the cards that amazed me is the Philippine eagle-owl.


It looks like an eagle, but it’s not. This looks sweeter than the eagle I guess. An eagle is wild while the owl seemed to be harmless. Being nocturnal, the owl is awake at night to look for its prey. Its scientific name is  Bubo philippensis. When I was younger, around 5-10 years old, I oftentimes saw owls on the big acacia trees in our backyard. Unfortunately, the big trees were long been gone now and I can’t also see the owls anymore.

Our oldies usually associate the owls to the mythical creatures like vampires. They said the owls bring no luck to you when you see one, but I never believed. Owls are beautiful birds. In fact, I had a photo before at the zoo holding an owl. Just like any nocturnal organisms, the owls also help in the balance of the ecosystem.


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