My Parents-in-Law’s Orchids in Bloom

Every weekend I visit my parents-in-law. Yesterday I dropped by their house because I couldn’t come this weekend due to some unexpected appointments. At the gate, I was greeted by the ark of pink bougainvillas. In the garden were the different species of Philippine orchids which were in bloom. My father-in-law is the one who takes care of the garden as his past time. My husband is also a green thumb. Perhaps he inherited it from his dad. My mother-in-law is also good at planting but my father-in-law is more hands on and spends more time into it. I don’t know what species are the ones they have right now but I can only say one thing—-the orchids are pretty good site in the garden.

ย 20150410_165111 20150410_164957 20150410_164934

20150410_164852 20150410_165104 20150410_164844

20150410_164839 20150410_164805 20141211_081226-Edit-Edit


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