Snail Mails, Still Adored By Some

More than two decades ago, I got so hooked up with writing letters to penpals. Email back then wasn’t as famous as it is now., therefore snail mail made it possible to keep up with my hobby. Every week, I received letters from strangers. I remember my mother was very furious before because I used to spend money for postal services. She thought I was just making the PhilPost rich. True enough, but the fulfillment I got when receiving replies for my snail mails was incomparable.


Until now, I still have those old letters from the people I’ve exchanged snails mails before. In fact, I barely recall their names and stories, but sometimes when I have the chance to read again the letters, it really makes me smile that there are some strangers who trusted their stories to another stranger.

There are some of them who found me on facebook after so many years when we stopped sending letters to each other. One of them is Bhego. She was just a high schooler when we started exchanging snail mails. Four to five years after, the communication stopped because we were both busy in school. Modern technology paved a way for me to find Bhego in one of the social networking websites. She’s now in Singapore, working as an engineer.

Compared to email, I still prefer snail mails because of the thrill I get while waiting for the mails to arrive. Of course emailing has a very big advantage to everyone. It’s easier, quick and very comfortable to use. To top it all, no matter how inconvenient a snail mail is, I would still love to receive one from a friend or maybe a stranger out there.


4 thoughts on “Snail Mails, Still Adored By Some

  1. Such a lovely idea. I am a card maker and if you would like me to send you a card, just let me know your address and birthday and I would gladly send one. Can’t beat snail mail 🙂

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