Postcard Collection: Philippine Signs and Wonders

Today, I’m posting about the new cards I bought yesterday from the new bookstore I’ve found in our city. These cards will be added to my collection, but I also bought some extra copies of each card so I can have something to swap with my regular swapper-friends.

Famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol province


The tunnels in Corregidor Island. It reminds a dark past of the country during the war in 1940s.


San Juanico Bridge joining two islands in Samar-Leyte. It was a project of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. It’s the longest bridge in the country and been there for so many years.


Mount Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines


Mount Mayon has the perfect cone shape among all volcanoes in the Philippines. It’s an active volcano as well.


The old gate in Intramuros Manila


If you like to go to Baguio City, be prepared for this zigzag road in the mountains.



6 thoughts on “Postcard Collection: Philippine Signs and Wonders

  1. I also bought some postcards of the chocolate hills when I was in the Philippines, though I never went to see those hills. They really are a unique feature.

    Now I’m going to have to look in some old shoe boxes for all my Philippine postcards!

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