Blogs Of Same Feather

So here is a list of the blogs which are same of my interests—-postcrossing, stamp collecting, travel photography, snail mail, book crossing, and souvenir collection. A list like this makes it easier for me to go directly to the blogs I am following.

The list isn’t complete yet. There’s still a next time, anyway.  I’ll update later.

1. PostcardsCrossing

2. Liska11

3. MarthaPostcrossing

4. SubmissionMan

5. Inavukik

6. Wangiwriter

7. Revgenia

8. EncyclopediaVanitatum

9. You Have Mail From Me

10. Letters To Thirteen

11. Spencer Court

12. The Ninth Life

13. Stephanie on Living Free

14. Russian Artist

15. I Love Postcrossing

16. Gossamer Goes Postal

17. Milk Tea and Cookies

18. Motivating Giraffe

19. What an Amazing World

20. Postcards on my Fridge

21. Greetings from Carlisle

22. Locksands Life 

23. Katzenworld

24. Ladianne Henderson

25. The Visual Chronicle


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