Received: April 17th, 2015



Below are cards from a friend named Michelle of USA. Her cards showcase the map cards of her state which is Florida.

#1. Map card of United States of America


# 2. Map card of the state of Florida in USA


# 3. Map card of the Great Smoky Mountains



The six cards below were sent by Steven from the USA. The cards don’t only showcase landmarks of some states of the USA, but also some landmarks from nearby countries.

# 1. Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana

Built in the late 1830’s of the classic Greek revival style. Twenty-eight magnificent oak trees line the approach to Oak Alley, one of Louisiana’s most outstanding plantation homes.


Steven says:

One of the reasons to visit New Orleans is to drive around the plantations nearby. This plantation is one of the most popular. This photo has been taken by thousands of tourists and is a well known image. Unless you arrive very early or late, this plantation is always very crowded from tour bus visits.

# 2. Aerial view of Cancun Mexico


Steven says:

Spent a week here many years ago. Our hotel is the one that looks like V at end of island just before the bridge. This is one of the most popular resort cities in Mexico. On the island, it looks like the US, with malls and US restaurants. So we took the bus into town and enjoyed the local food and stores, which have lower prices. 

# 3. Taos Pueblo in Taos New Mexico

Probably the most famous of all New Mexico Pueblos. Existing for several hundred years, it remains the home of the Taos tribe. Taos served as headquarters from which Pope of San Juan Pueblo organized the Pueblo Revolt of 1860. In 1846, the Pueblo was a refuge for Hispanics and Indians resisting the annexation of New Mexico by the United States.


Steven says:

Located in northern New Mexico, Taos Pueblo is a UN World Heritage site, and has been inhabited for over 1000 years. The Taos native Americans still live here. It is also a reservation so they have their own government.

# 4. Pacific Coast Highway 1

Just south of Carmel this stretch of Coast Highway 1 drops to magnificent Big Sur.


Steven says:

The 75 miles of coastal highway along Big Sur is probably the most scenic drive in the US. I’ve done it three times in the last 20 years. It takes the whole day because speed limit is low and you always stop every few minutes to get out and admire the view. Big Sur is just south of the Monterey peninsula in California, which itself is a popular destination in the state.

# 5. Banyan Tree

The largest Banyan Tree in Hawaii can be found on maui, in Lahaina. Planted in 1873, it spreads to cover 2/3 of an acre.


Steven says:

Look at how big this tree is! It is located in a park in downtown Lahaina. Not much to see in Lahaina. It is a bast of exploring other places, such as Mt. Haleakala which looks like the moon when you go into the crater. Also popular is a drive along the coast to the old city of Hana which has pools.

# 6. Temple de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona


Steven says:

Also a UN World Heritage site, La Sagrada began construction in 1882 and is not finished. It relies on private donations and admission fees for tours of what has been built. They hope to finish in 2026. I have always enjoyed Gaudi’s art and Barcelona is his home, so there a number of buildings he designed there. The most well known is Parc Guell, which was supposed to be an elite residential area but it went bankrupt. The city of Barcelona bought it and turned it into a park with admission fee for maintenance. It is now one of Barcelona’s biggest tourist attractions, along with La Sagrada. Barcelona is the province of Catalonia, which has a strong separist movement. They have their own language (Catalon) and their own flag. Everywhere we went, we saw the catalon flag. Even government buildings fly Spanish and Catalon flags.