Outgoing Cards to India, China and Indonesia: April 17th, ’15

I’ve swapped some cards with a postcrosser in India. We both agreed to enclose a banknote as a souvenir. I sent him two cards—one showcasing a folk dance in Ifugao province, and the other one showing two native people of Ifugao walking on the world famous Banaue Rice Terraces. Enclosed was the latest 20-peso bank note. Cards will be at my friend’s doorstep in two weeks time.



I also sent a card of the Mount Mayon to a postcard-swapper from China. In return, I will be expecting a card from her showing her university. I will be posting here soon once I receive the card.



Last card was sent to Indonesia. It’s a card of the Pearl Farm resort in Davao province. It’s a private cove beach resort with beautiful cottages and white-sand beach. The nearby mountains make it even more lovable. It’s perfect for summer getaways.

20150417_083332 20150417_100124-1


Beautiful Bridges in China

I am fond of the great ancient architecture in China. I have a collection of some of the popular bridges in the country, some buildings, mountains, and parks. I usually buy many copies of each card because I may also swap them sometimes to other cards of my interest. The four cards below were sent to Germany, Finland and Russia. I specifically love the stone arch bridge and the twin bridge.

T-Finland1 T-Germany1 T-Germany2 T-Russia1

Outgoing Cards: April 7th, ’15

Today I’ve sent five postcards and the theme is “dogs”. Three of these cards will set off to Russia, one will go to USA and the other to Czech Republic. I am a dog lover and I have collection of postcards on the different breeds of dogs. I specifically love large breed dogs, especially husky and labrador. Inspired by the hollywood movie “Marley”, I’m taking care of a lab at this time which was bought by my husband as a birthday present two years ago.


On a separate theme on “elegant plants”, I also sent this stargazer lily card to a postcrosser in China. There are lots of species of Lily, but my most favorite is the Stargazer. It usually blooms in mid-summer. I am lucky to have some of this plant in our garden.