It’s Garfield 15 Years Ago

I looked into my old cabinets where I kept important souvenirs and collectibles, and there I found this little garfield in the letter box. It was sent from a friend in December 2000. There was a simple note attached to it, too. She also personally drew garfield. It’s kind of cute, right?  I am not just a canine lover. I also like felines. They are good companions during the times of solitude.




Australian-made Teaspoon: A Classic Collection

Look what I’ve got here. It’s a souvenir from a dear friend who went to visit some family members in Perth Australia. It’s a beautiful teaspoon engulfed in a small transparent glass box. (Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.)


20150404_180715 20150404_180732

The end of the handle of the spoon is round-shaped with a mark saying “Norseman Western Australia. I have received other souvenirs from Australia (also from an australian friend in Perth), but this teaspoon from Charito is a personal favorite.

20150404_18081420150404_180845 20150404_180901

By the way, I have been searching over the net who invented the spoon, but there was none. Whoever the great spoon inventor is, I must thank him. I can’t drink my soup direct from the bowl. I always need a spoon for that matter. It would have been better if his name had been passed down to the present generation.

Postcards Since 1997

20 years ago, I started my fascination in snail mail and led me into sending and collecting postcards. The photo below is an evidence of my being a postcard enthusiast by then. I made it hard-bound in 1999 to preserve the quality of the cards even if years pass by. That was only my collection from 1995-1997. I still have others compiled in a hard cover yearly…until I stopped….then resumed….then stopped again…and now I’m into it again.